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June 8 Is World Pet Memorial Day June 08, 2021

June 8 Is World Pet Memorial Day

June 8 Is World Pet Memorial Day

June 8, 2021, is World Pet Memorial Day and is the perfect chance to celebrate the fur babies that have passed and live on in our memories. Below are a few ways you can commemorate your time spent together and pass along the everlasting love in their honor.

The rainbow bridge is both an idea of comfort and a place of great grief. Unfortunately, it is also a reality for the pets we spend the best of our days beside. Once they’ve passed, there is no reason to let their memories fade from sight. They are our best friends, confidants, and the most loyal companions we could have asked to have. Scales, tails, paws, or feathers – they’re with us for a lifetime, even if not physically by our side.

June 8 Is World Pet Memorial Day

A Customized Photo Key Chain

As we all walk around with smartphones in hand, our phones become filled with photos of our furry family members. That means that even once our pets have passed, we are allowed to relive the best of moments. The pictures we take are the windows into the times we’ve shared. This year consider having some of those photos printed.

Then collect them into an album, a constant reminder of your times together and a place to reminisce. If physical photo albums aren’t your thing, there are other options. Consider getting a customized photo key chain of your dearly beloved fur buddy. Another wonderful way to celebrate and keep our four-legged friends in our hearts is a customized welcome mat!



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June 8 Is World Pet Memorial Day

Donate or Volunteer

Was your best bud a tennis ball fanatic? Or maybe they enjoyed going for walks? Toy and ball donations of any sort are always a welcome surprise to shelters and rescues. If you’re unsure of those in your area, a quick internet search should do the trick. The same organizations seek volunteers to walk their dogs or spend time with the animals in their care. A donation of your time, even just a couple of hours, is priceless. What better way to pass along love in a pet’s honor?

June 8 Is World Pet Memorial Day

Plant a Pet Memorial Garden

If you happen to enjoy gardening and being outdoors, planting a pet memorial garden is the perfect option. It is a beautiful way to honor your rainbow bridge pet year after year. It can be as simple as a single perennial variety in a pot. Or you can expand it as large as you want and include your favorite plants and flowers. By choosing perennials, you will guarantee that the blooms will come back year after year – the forever reminder of the love you and your pet shared.

Share your thoughts and leave a comment: what will you be doing on World Pet Memorial Day?

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