Is Your Cat Licking You? He Might Consider You His Possession!

Is your cat licking you? He might consider you his possession!

Cat Licks or Sandpaper Kisses? Same Thing!

Your clingy, sweet, and amazing cat approaches you. Suddenly, he brings out his pink, soft, and tiny tongue and then licks you. This is not the first time he does that.

With this in mind, you might have wondered, “Why does my cat lick me?”

You are not alone in asking this question. In fact, other cat owners have wondered too.

So, we wanted to know, “What are the probable reasons that your cat licks you?”

Here are some of the best answers to this mind-boggling question.

They Are Cleaning You

Cats lick their fur and body as part of grooming. Thus, you should not be surprised if your cat licks you as well. In his mind, he is doing you a favor. He doesn’t mind cleaning you the same way he cleans himself.

Is your cat licking you? He might consider you his possession!

There’s Food On Your Skin

If you accidentally dropped a good smelling food on your hands, your cat would notice it and lick you.

He will try to lick the food residue on your fingers, hands, arms, and wherever you might have traces of delicious food.

Sometimes, cats also love the taste of natural salty sweat from your body.

They Want To Forge A Bond With You

You might have seen mother cats licking their kittens. While the purpose for that is primarily for grooming, it has a deeper meaning.

Licking their kittens is one of the best ways they form a bond with them. Now, he is replicating that action with you. He licks you to show his affection, love, and care. By licking, he is telling you that you are important to him and he wants to build a deeper relationship with you.

Is your cat licking you? He might consider you his possession!

He Misses You

Whenever you are away, your cat feels lonely. The moment you reach the doorsteps, he’ll surely surround you and give you a non-stop licking, just like dogs.

As a dog shows his fondness for his human through licking, cats use licking as well to express their loneliness and happiness every time you come home.

They Relive Their Memories

Cats have memories. They can remember the time when they were still kittens and their mothers lick them. Now that they are all grown up, they also want to relive those special moments by licking you. For them, licking you brings back pleasant memories.

They Are Seeking Your Attention

If you’re too busy doing something or you simply ignore your cat, they will begin to lick you as a way to get your attention. When they lick you, it could mean that they want to play or cuddle.

Is your cat licking you? He might consider you his possession!

They Suffer From Emotional Problems

Most of the time, licking is a great sign that your cat likes you. However, it could also be an indication that something is wrong.

Cats who are anxious, stressed, and lonely may exhibit their feelings through licking. If you see a sudden change in your cat’s behavior and your gut feeling is telling you something is wrong, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your vet.

They Mark You As Their Possession

Cats can be territorial. They mark the things they own through licking. When they lick you, it could be that they are showing other cats or animals that you are special to them and no one should come near you except them.

Is your cat licking you? He might consider you his possession!

Be Attentive

If you want to know the exact reasons why your cat is licking you, be attentive and be familiar with his behavior. After all, cats do have emotions too. They provide us so much love and affection that we must also give it back to them.

So the next time your cat licks you, remember the reasons mentioned in this post. I’m sure you will understand better your furry friend and be closer to her.

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