Is Grooming your Doxie Stressful for Everyone? Read These Tips!

Is grooming your doxie stressful for everyone? Read these tips!

The Joy of Keeping Your Doxie Groomed

Does grooming your doxie stress you out, and especially your Dachshund? As much as we want our four-legged friends to be immaculately clean all the time, there’s no denying that they get dirty. Doxies are known to be adventurous and energetic. So, it should not come as a surprise when your dachshund comes home dirty. With this in mind, grooming is no doubt an essential part of taking care of your cute and adorable doxie.

However, grooming can become a tough chore to complete. Sometimes, your doxie won’t just cooperate – turning grooming into an overwhelming job. Thankfully, there are some tips that you can use to have a fun and stress-free grooming session. Want to know what these useful tips are? If so, read on to learn more!

Dachshund grooming

Have The Right Tools

Grooming is made simple when you have the right tools. However, if you don’t have the right tools, it will take you longer to complete your grooming session. Make sure as well to keep your tools in good condition.

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Use sharp clippers to cut your dog’s hair. A regular brush with soft bristles should be enough for your doxie. If you have a wirehaired dachshund, he needs more frequent brushing. Use a short-napped wire-bristle brush instead. Remember to use the right tools designed especially for your doxie.

A human blow dryer can be too noisy and hot for your doxie. Human nail trimmers can split claws and cause pain. So, invest in the right tools. They would surely make your grooming session fun and stress-free.

Find the Right Place for Bathing

Since dachshunds are smaller dogs, a washtub or kitchen sink should be enough. You can use a shower head, water hose, or pale – whichever, works best for you. Avoid bending over while washing your buddy as this may put a strain on your back. You can kneel on a bathmat or towel if that makes it easier for you.

A pro tip to remember: gather all your needed tools and equipment before bathing. This will not just save you time, but also energy.

How to groom your dachshund

Schedule Your Grooming

You want to make sure that you have a grooming schedule and stick with it. By having a regular grooming schedule, your pooch can better anticipate when grooming happens and this prepares him emotionally, mentally, and psychologically for cleaning.

Not only that, but regular grooming could help your buddy to get comfortable with the grooming sessions.

Loosen Up That Energy

Your dachshund would be more submissive and behaved during grooming when he doesn’t have too much energy. If you already have set a grooming appointment, it would be a good idea to play with him first. By using up those excess energies, your doxie would be calmer and more comfortable when he finally reaches the grooming table. If available, play calming music to further relax your dog, you can give him calming chews as well.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Once you’re done grooming, your pup should be fresh, clean, and good-looking (we mean better looking! He was already the handsomest boy or girl!). Verbally tell your furry buddy that he has been a good dog. Give him lots of love, cuddling, and patting to reinforce his good behavior. Give him delicious treats as well.

All these positive actions would help your dog associate happy thoughts with grooming. If your dog isn’t cooperating when grooming, be sure to use soothing words or tones. This should calm your dog.

Don’t force your dog or hit him when he doesn’t cooperate. Be patient. You can simply postpone grooming and start again next time. If possible, you can use essential oils, music, and flower remedies to relax your dog. This should put him in the grooming mood.

Is grooming your doxie stressful for everyone? Read these tips!

Let Him Be Familiar With the Place

When bringing your dachshund to a salon, it means that he will be staying in a different environment for a couple of hours. If this is the first time you’re bringing your dog, then it would be a good idea to let him sniff around and explore the area first.

Show your pup the types of equipment used during the session. If the groomer uses any electrical cleaning tools, turn it on and let your pup be familiar with their sound. If your Dachshund is able to walk up to the grooming stand, that will help to ease their fears. Make sure to always use a dog ramp whenever you can to reduce the back issues such as IVDD. 

Most importantly, formally introduce your dog to the groomer. This should help your dachshund know that the groomer is a friend and he should stay calm and comfortable in his presence.

Speak to the Groomer

You and the dog groomer should be a tandem in taking care of your dog. Tell the groomer about your dog’s temperament and character. This allows the groomer to anticipate your dog’s behavior and adjust grooming as needed.

Request your groomer to take a break whenever your doxie looks worried or stressed. Comfort your buddy first before proceeding. If possible, stay with your pup all throughout the grooming session if this brings comfort to him.

Dachshund grooming

Final Words

Your dachshund does not have to be stressed out every time you groom him. You can do the tips mentioned here and we’re sure, your furry buddy will be more relaxed, happy, and stress-free. If you still have other questions or concerns, it’s best is to speak to your groomer as well as your vet for more professional guidance and training.