How to Spoil Your Doxie at Home!


Top 3 Ways to Spoil Your Doxie During Quarantine

Being cooped up inside all day, or for the majority of the day, is definitely not ideal for you or your Doxie. However, given the current situation of the world, it’s extra important we stay home and try our best to make the best of it!

Here are 3 fun ways you and your Dachshund can spend your time, to make sure your Doxie feels physically and mentally stimulated during quarantine. 


#1. Spa Day!

The nerves are high, the tension is dense, and the stress is through the roof. It is time to detox, defuse, and drift your Dachshund’s mind into sweet bliss. Don’t know where to start? No need to worry, here’s what you should do:


Start with your Doxie’s favorite game to get some energy out. Just like humans, a great way to relieve stress is to get some cardio in. Make sure whatever you decide to do is something that your Dachshund enjoys. It’s about having fun and spending quality time with them.

Whether it’s tug-of-war, hide and seek with their favorite treats, etc. you want to get those zoomies out of their system so they feel relaxed and calm for spa day!

Doxie Massage

Now that they’re all worn out, their mind is going to switch from “play mode” to “cuddle mode.” That is the PAWfect opportunity to give them a massage. Just like humans, pups need this too! 

Start with their head, and get behind those ears. You want to gently massage the muscles in a circular motion, and slowly make your way down to the neck. Once they start to lay down, it is highly recommended that you shift your attention to their belly since belly rubs are life. 

Next, be sure to massage their backs, hips, and joints to relieve any tension that has been building up. Doxies have a lot of strain on their backs and joints from being hotdog shaped, so a massage every once in a while to loosen things up is a very good idea.

Hygiene is Key!

Hygiene is key to looking and feeling good. No one wants to be quarantined in a home with a stinky Doxie (haha).

An important aspect to your Doxie’ hygiene is trimming their nails. Most Doxies tend to be quite stubborn when it comes to this activity, however, proper paw health is crucial. Trimmed nails makes it easier for your Dachshund to walk, and avoids them getting caught on something and being ripped off. Ouch!

Once they are in a relaxed state after their massage, that would be a great time for a nail trim!

The #1 Dreaded Activity…Bath Time

All Dachshunds feel different about baths, but a good start is making sure that the water is at a warm and  a comfortable temperature.

Regardless of how they feel, they are going to be grateful that you are taking care of them.

Encourage your Doxie to enjoy bath time by rewarding them with their favorite treat while being in the bath, and making sure your energy and stress levels are low. Remember, our Dachshunds can sense our energy and they feed off of it. If you are stressed about bath time, they will be too. 


#2. Introduce New Games!


A classic game that a vast majority of people have played, and is typically a hilarious game for both you and your Dachshund to play. Hide-n-seek is a great activity because it keeps your Doxie both physically and mentally stimulated.

Try hiding your Doxies favorite treats or toys throughout the room. Under tables, behind pillows, under a blanket…etc

Make sure your Doxie “stays” while doing this. If they don’t know the stay command, simply put them in another room, or have a friend or family member that is quarantined with you, keep your Doxie in place while you are hiding the objects!

Once the objects are hidden, release your Dachshund and let them use their noses to track down the hidden surprises. If your Doxie needs a little hint, feel free to help them out and direct them to the hiding places to make the game a little easier 🙂

Obstacle Course

Use objects around the house to create a fun and mentally stimulating obstacle course. You can really let your imagination wander with how you want to set this up.

Empty boxes, pool noodles, blanket tunnels, tables… the possibilities are endless. Use it as a way to stimulate your dog’s mind. You can even place hidden treats within the obstacle course to have them use their sense of smell. This is basically hide-n-seek 2.0! 

The ONLY downside to this activity, is the cleanup afterwards, but a little cleaning never hurt anyone. It is totally worth it for how much fun your Doxie will have figuring out the obstacle course. 

#3. Dach Pack!

Last on this list, we have the DachPack!

The DachPack is a quarterly subscription box for Dachshunds, delivered right to your doorstep every 3 months! It is filled with an assortment of toys, treats, and other Dachshund essentials to keep your Dachshund (and you!) entertained while staying at home. 

One of our favorite elements of the DachPack, is that 10% of proceeds are donated to the Dachshund Rescue of North America. This means that while you are spoiling your Dachshund with this surprise box, you are also helping other Dachshunds in need. 

The DachPack even has a surprise gift for the human too, so everyone gets something out of it! The only downside, is that there is only a limited amount of subscribers allowed for the DachPack, so make sure you get on the list before it is full!


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