How To Show Love To Your Dachshund?

How to show love to your dachshund?

We Know How You Love Your Dachshund So Much.

However, sometimes, how we show love as humans may not be interpreted in the same way in dogs. That’s why it is crucial that we express our love to our doxies in a language that they understand.

In this post, you’ll learn how you can show love to your dachshund in simple, but effective ways.

More On Lying Down

While it is tempting to cuddle with your pooch, they actually prefer lying down on your lap, feet, and even just beside you. When they lie down on you, they feel safe and they know they can trust you. When you allow them to sleep or take a nap and use you as their bed and pillow, you are showing how much you deeply care for your doxie.

How to show love to your dachshund?

Raise Your Eyebrows During Eye To Eye Contact

It is no secret that doxies and other dogs don’t like it when people stare at them. They even look away when you try to look them in the eyes. They feel threaten and shy.

According to animal behaviorists, you can actually make an eye-to-eye connection with your dog. However, when you do, make sure you raise your eyebrows. For them, that is a signal of love. Raising your eyebrows would make your stare less threatening and more loving.

 How to show love to your dachshund?

Talk To Your Dachshund

Yes, human and dog languages are different, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop talking to your doxie. For one, there are various studies showing that dogs can indeed remember and understand a lot of human words. Not only that, but the tone of our voice is readily understood by dogs.

For this reason, talking to your dog in a loving and soothing voice should tell your dog how much you love him.

Relaxing Massage

You don’t have to be a therapist to give your doxie a little relaxing dose of massage. Of course, that’s a huge plus, but simple and gentle strokes and kneading action on your dog’s back, ears, legs, and head can make your dog feel your love.

How to show love to your dachshund?


Brushing is not just good for grooming, but it actually makes your dog happier. Brushing and massaging have almost similar effects. Both can increase your dog’s oxytocin level and contribute to his happiness.

Taking Your Doxie For A Walk

It is no secret that bringing your dog outside and even to the park requires energy and time. Your dog can sense how much you love him when you bring him out. Like any human relationship, you nourish your love with your dog by spending time with him. This is best done when you take him for a walk. For your dog, it’s a great way to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

How to show love to your dachshund?

Feed Him With Your Hand

Hand feeding is such an effective way of forming a strong bond with your doxie. It builds trust and ensures your doxie will know that you are his loving parent. Sometimes, hand feeding is better than letting your doxie just to eat food in a bowl all the time.

They learn to relax and understand that it is not just the bowl that is feeding him, but it is really you. He will then know that you are the one providing his basic necessities and will feel more loved as he discovers how much you care.

How to show love to your dachshund?

Show Love To Your Doxie Now

Cherish every moment that you have with your dachshund. Show love and make him feel loved whenever there’s a chance. Let your doxie know how much you love him and I’m sure, he will reciprocate your love more than you’ll ever know!

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