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How Dogs Grieve March 02, 2020

How Dogs Grieve

How Dogs Grieve

When We Lose Someone We Love, We Often Grieve The Loss. However, Do You Know That Dogs Grieve Too?

Yes, they also grieve, but sometimes, it can be a little tricky to determine whether they are really grieving or not.

While it is true that some grieve almost in the same way as we grieve, it is vital to remember that every dog is different. They grieve in their own way.

For this reason, it is important to be alert to the signs that your dog might be grieving. Let me share with you some of the ways your dog might grieve.

How Dogs Grieve

How Do Dogs Grieve?

The most common way dogs grieve is almost in the same way as we also grieve. These may include the following:

  • Mournful eyes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Don’t want to play
  • Become less active
  • Move slower
  • Less active
  • Mournful howl
  • Always looking down
  • Blank stares

There are also other uncommon ways dogs express their grief. These may include vocalization such as whimpering and whining. They also exhibit personality changes such as being more demanding for attention and clinginess. Sometimes, the dog frequently stays in the favorite spot of the deceased.

How Dogs Grieve

Why Do Dogs Grieve?

There are a few theories that have been put forward to explain why dogs mourn.

For one, grieving is their natural response to the changes that have occurred in their life due to the loss of someone. For example, if your dog lost a companion dog, they may feel sad because they don’t have someone to play with anymore. If in case your dog lost his master, he might feel sad because he is used to having his master feeding him or taking him for a walk.

According to some experts, dogs are like kids. They don’t have a true sense of death. They don’t understand what it really means for someone to die.

So, when someone passes away, they only think that they are gone for some time. They expect that the deceased would be back soon or at any time in the future. This anticipation also contributes to the sadness of the dog.

How Dogs Grieve

How Do You Help A Grieving Dog?

The first thing you need to do is bring your dog to the vet. You need to confirm first whether your dog is really grieving or the signs you are seeing are caused by a health problem. While you are with your vet, you can also further check with him what you can do to relieve grieving in your dog.

Now, after determining that your dog is truly grieving, there are a few things you can do. Here are some of them:

  • Spend more time with your dog
  • Show more affectionate
  • Invite friends and other pets if your grieving dog enjoys having some company
  • Ignore bad behavior
  • Praise good behavior

How Dogs Grieve

Dogs grieve in different ways. So, don’t rush the grieving process of your dog. Moreover, dogs are not like people who are able to express their feelings. So, please be patient.

Finally, know when you need your vet’s help. If your dog isn’t improving and the way he grieves is already affecting his health, then don’t hesitate to call your vet. If possible, read more about how four-legged friend grieves so you can better understand your pet and take care of him better.

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