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March 16, 2020

How Dogs Can Help Your Mental Health

How Dogs Can Help Your Mental Health

Did You Know That About Five Percent Of People Aged 18 Years Old And Above In The United States Have Experienced A Mental Problem In Any One Year?

That’s equivalent to 43.8 million people.

Now, that’s a lot. There’s no doubt; mental health is a huge problem in the US.

We know, being part of these statistics is the least of the things you want to happen. Having a mental problem is something that you don’t want to experience.

Thankfully, man’s best friend is here to save the day. Studies after studies show how owning a dog could help improve your mental health. They don’t just improve your mental health, but they can help you recover from mental illnesses.

That’s why in this post, check out the different ways how your dog can improve your mental health.

Dogs Make You Happy

If you have been a pet owner before, you know how dogs can make you happy in a very special way. Interacting with your canine friend in a positive way, whether petting them or playing with them, helps your body produce serotonin and dopamine.

These hormones are known to be your pleasure and happy hormones. They improve your mood. Not only that, but both serotonin and dopamine suppress the production of cortisol – also known as the stress hormone.

Now, what happens if you are happy? It also improves your mental health. It is no wonder that most dog owners are also happy people and enjoy a healthier mental state.

How Dogs Can Help Your Mental Health

Dogs Keep You Company

“No man is an island.” You probably have heard that before. It means that humans are social beings and no matter how hard you try, you would still look for someone to talk to and socialize with.

That’s why it is not difficult to see that most people get a dog to keep them company. There are good reasons why dogs are called man’s best friend.

For one, they are highly loyal. They offer unconditional love. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t get bitter. They even stay with you even if you try to shoo them away.

People feel less lonely when they have a dog by their side. Dogs are undoubtedly good for any people, but they are especially beneficial for people experiencing anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Your four-legged friend has a unique way to keep you from negative and anxious thoughts.

How Dogs Can Help Your Mental Health

Dogs Create Social Opportunities

Have you noticed how people are more likely to stop and say, “Hi” to people who are walking a dog compared to someone who is walking alone?

Dogs are masters of creating social opportunities and interactions. When you bring your dog in the park, it is more likely that you are able to make friends as well especially with people who also have dogs. Since you share the same interest, there’s a common ground for you to establish friendship.

Moreover, when you have dogs, you can easily find social clubs. You can join these social clubs and meet new people. Not only that, but you can join pet shows and programs that create more opportunities for meeting new people.

As you can see, dogs can truly help you socialize. Those people who have friends and are constantly interacting with others are less likely to suffer from mental illness.

How Dogs Can Help Your Mental Health

Dogs Make You More Outgoing

Have you noticed how your dog encourages you to go out more often? Since dogs are generally playful and energetic, you are pleasantly obliged to bring him out and take him for a walk.

Not only that but traveling with your furry buddy is more enjoyable, which motivates you more to go outside. With your dog, you feel more driven to go to the beach, explore new places, and even simply stroll outside your home.

Now, if you are more outgoing, there are a lot of benefits you can derive from it. For one, you get more exercise and you know how exercise has been strongly linked to better mental health. People who get enough exercise are healthier not just physically, but also mentally.

People who go out lessen their chance of feeling lonely, sad, and depressed. Being in a new place also gives an extra boost of happiness and keeps you more relaxed and calm.

How Dogs Can Help Your Mental Health

Be More Mentally Healthy

Researchers have recognized the power of dogs when it comes to keeping you mentally healthy. Thus, you get to see therapy dogs being used to help people suffering from mental illness.

As you can see, getting a dog has a lot of benefits to offer. Thank your dog today. Give him more importance. You don’t know how much your dog loves you and helps you become happier and healthier!

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