How Are Pets Similar To Humans?

How Are Pets Similar To Humans?

How are pets similar to humans?

There’s No Doubt:

Cats and dogs are the most common domesticated pets in the world. They are amazingly cute, cuddly, and adorable. They keep us company and help us have a more joyful life.

But, what do we see in cats and dogs that we are drawn to them? How are they similar to us? What are the traits they have? In this post, let us take a look at how cats and dogs are somewhat similar to humans.

How are pets similar to humans?

They Love Food

Do you know what’s common among cats, dogs, and people? They all eat. However, we don’t just eat to survive, but we also eat for enjoyment and pleasure. The same is true with these animals.

As social beings, we love to eat together. That’s why we don’t just share food with other people, but also with our pets. Because of the common fondness for food, it is not difficult to see why cats, dogs, and humans get along.

Friendliness And Socialization

Cats and dogs are friendly and they are social animals. Of course, in the case of cats, their sociability depends on certain factors. Generally speaking, dogs are more sociable than cats. Nevertheless, they are still great animals to keep as your company.

Here’s how they may complement your personality. For people who are introverts, cats may be a good pet choice. They are friendly, curious, but most of the time like to stay in one place, uninterested in exploring things and like to lurk inside the house. This trait is somewhat similar to people who have introverted personalities.

On the other hand, an extroverted person likes to go out, hang out with friends, play sports, and spend time in social interaction.

Amazingly, dogs have this trait too. Dogs enjoy spending time with their kind and to their humans. They are social and family-oriented animals. Of course, an outgoing dog may also encourage introverts and shy people to be more outgoing and sociable. So, whether you are shy or outgoing, having a dog could also be a good choice.

How are pets similar to humans?

They Love Fun

Who doesn’t want to have fun, right? If humans love to have fun, cats and dogs, too!

Having fun releases dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with feeling good. In humans, it can be done by playing board or video games and competitive sports.

Playtime helps humans learn, reduce stress, maintain a healthy body, and boost confidence. So, play isn’t just something optional, but it is essential.

In the same way, cats and dogs need to play. They love to play with their fellow animals, but most importantly, they also want to play with people. Because of this common trait we share with them, it is not difficult to enjoy their company.

How are pets similar to humans?

Unique Personality

Humans have different characteristics, personalities, attitudes and ways of living.

Dog’s personalities are breed-specific. Hunting dogs are energetic. Sled dogs are independent and active. Guardian breeds are loyal. Therapy dogs are sweet and caring.

Cats also come with various personalities and their breed greatly affects that. Their upbringing helps them develop their unique personality by the time they grow old.

So, be sure to research what personality a certain breed might have. This way, you’ll be able to complement your personality with your chosen pet.

Pets Have Emotions Too

Yes, pets have feelings too! Because of this, we, humans, can easily get attached to our pets. Cats and dogs are deeply emotional creatures. They strongly bond with their families and humans. Study shows that dogs feel complicated emotions like jealousy and anticipate the emotional expressions on human faces. They also feel happiness, sadness, and anger.

How are pets similar to humans?

Final Words

These are just some of the best ways cats and dogs are similar to us, humans. There are just too many things that are common between theirs and our species. So, there’s no wonder we get along with them easily. It seems like a natural thing for us to adopt these fur babies and make them part of our family.

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