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October 05, 2020

Hearts A Flutter: A New Study Finds Your Doxie’s Heart Rate Elevates Every Time You Say Those Three Special Words… I Love You

Your Formula For Love

We’ve all said it at one point in time in our lives… especially if you have a cute sausage dog at home. The three special words we all like to hear… “I love you” was recently the center of a heartwarming study.

Trust us… you’re going to want to share your XOXO’s with your dachshund after reading further about the latest findings between the correlation of those beautiful words and your pup’s happiness.

This “pawsitively” adorable study from Canine Cottage measured the bodily reactions of pups and found that your furry friends’ heart rate increased an average of 46.2% when they were told, “I love you”. By using monitoring systems to track dogs’ pulses through various activities, researchers discovered that by saying the phrase “I Love You” resulted in an excited, heart-pounding reaction. On the other end of the spectrum, by cuddling up to the pups being studied, it provided them with a calming effect, reducing their heart rate by nearly 28%.

The benefits aren’t just for your weenie. You can feel the effects of the relationship too. The study also showed that the doxie’s human counterparts raised their heart rates by 10.4% when they saw their doxie again. Ultimately, this backed up the age-old adage of why dachshunds are our best friends and such an integral part of our families and lives.

The study also showed that love can look differently from paw to hand. While your dachshund is more inclined to lick or nuzzle you when you are around, you show your love by offering belly rubs, toys, treats as a sign of enthusiasm and utter devotion. Researchers also found that your furry friend may choose to chew up your favorite stiletto or rip apart that pillow you’ve had for years because they are showing how much they love you by finding a way to calm themselves with your scent. Wow… loyalty does go a long way!

Stretch Your Love!

While all of this information can make your heart skip a beat, it also tells us something very important. To love your doxie a little longer today and every day!

Read more by visiting Canine Cottage’s website here.

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