Grateful Dog Hugs Rescuer Who Saved Him From Being Euthanized November 09, 2020

Grateful Dog Hugs Rescuer Who Saved Him From Being Euthanized

Saved By Love

When it comes to gratitude, a special dog near Findlay, Ohio, knows how to show it. A beagle named Gregory was left at a dog shelter and like all dogs who end up there, he needed a home. Unfortunately, not all dogs end up with families and some are euthanized if they don’t find a forever home.

Thankfully, that wasn’t Gregory’s fate. One day, a man named Joe Kirk stopped by and saved the beagle from certain death. It was a life-changing experience for the dog, and thanks to camera phones, Joe captured that moment. The appreciative dog gave Joe a big, endearing side hug that spoke volumes. It was obvious the dog was happy to be rescued and eager to start a new life with Joe.

A Sanctuary for Dogs

Joe Kirk founded HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary, a shelter for dogs. It’s mission is to save dogs and find a home for them. They certainly practiced what they preach when they saved Gregory’s life! His story is featured on their Facebook fan page to this day. Their sanctuary’s message is clear: they are here to give animals a voice and keep them safe.

“We work to place dogs into safe loving homes with responsible new owners. We also provide lifelong sanctuary to senior and unadoptable dogs. Pulling from high risk and kill shelters, our mission is to save dogs from euthanasia. We also network with other rescues and individuals in an effort to save as many homeless dogs as possible and find them loving forever homes. Please always have your dog spayed or neutered.”

Many More Abandoned Dogs Need Help

Gregory’s rescue story is similar to many other abandoned dogs, and finding a forever home for them is imperative. If you live near the Findlay, Ohio area and you are interested in adopting a dog, stop by the shelter. Not only will you see Gregory, but you may find your forever furry buddy!

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