Glucosamine for dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs

If you are a dog owner, it is difficult to watch your dog grow old while movement becomes slowed down. Nevertheless, the signs you may consider as a natural process may not be because of old age. While it is true that most dogs when they get older, slow down. However, this is not true for all dogs. For some, this slowing down maybe because of hip and Joint pain experienced by the dog, which may hinder them from moving around willingly. Exercising is very important for your dog because it helps in maintaining joints, bones, and healthy muscles. Nevertheless, the inactivity of the dog may lead to joint and muscle stiffness.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance found in the body of a pet. The highest concentration of Glucosamine is found in the cartilage. Your dog has glucosamine in its body and it produces glycosaminoglycan, which helps in forming and repairing body tissues. The natural production of glucosamine slows down in a dog’s body as they age. Because of this, the natural process of repairing the body tissues slows down, which leads to stiffness as well as hip and joint pain. The continuing tearing and wearing of the dog’s joints combined with the slowed paced repair of the tissue further lead to arthritis. However, there is good news for your dog because research has discovered that glucosamine is good for your dog as it helps rebuild cartilage.

Glucosamine for Dogs – Health Benefits

Our 15 in 1 Multi Chews and our Advanced Hip and Joint Chews are made with glucosamine which brings many health benefits for your dog. To understand the important role glucosamine plays in your dog’s life, we have compiled the benefits of using this supplement.

  • Glucosamine supplement for dogs is natural without any artificial ingredient. It is produced naturally not only in dogs and humans but also in lobsters, shrimp, and crabs. The supplement is manufactured in the lab by extracting it from marine animals.
  • It is a fantastic combo when mixed with chondroitin, which is a building block of connective tissue. This combo helps in speeding up the recovery and regeneration of bone tissues. Our 15 in 1 Multi Chews and our Advanced Hip and Joint Chews have MSM in them, which is an effective pain reducer.
  • It is safe for your dog. Unlike some glucosamine supplements prepared with sulfate, we at Alpha Paw use glucosamine HCL which is safer because it doesn’t cause digestive discomfort, diarrhea, or vomiting.
  • Glucosamine helps reduce the need for your dog to use non-steroid anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs. This drug provides comfort and temporal pain relievers, but it also has side effects such as intestinal ulcers, internal bleeding, kidney, or liver failure.
  • Another important benefit of glucosamine for a dog is that it lubricates their hip and joints. The molecules in it attract and retain water, which makes it a great shock absorber and lubricant.
  • It helps to keep a dog active and an active dog is a healthy dog.

Glucosamine for dogs

Natural Sources of Glucosamine

In as much as there are supplements produced to serve as glucosamine for dogs, there are other means of sourcing for glucosamine naturally. The following are some good natural source of glucosamine for your dog.

Chicken Feet

One of the best places to source for natural glucosamine is chicken feet. They make a scrumptious crunchy food to add to your dog’s meal. Not only can you use chicken feet, but you can also feed them with goose, turkey, duck, or guinea fowl feet.

Pig Tails or Oxtails

Tails comprise of cartilage encompassed by some meat. Pigtails serve as another important natural source of glucosamine because it contains 5% of cartilage.

Beef Knuckle Bones

Your dog will love gnawing those big beef knucklebones because they are not only entertaining but contains enough cartilage. They are a good source of glucosamine and boost their hip and joint health.

Shellfish Shells

This is a super source of glucosamine for your dog. If you can afford those wide shrimp with their shells on them, your dog will never forget this wonderful treat. You can turn the shells into a healthy soup by cooking them in water. Ensure you buy the shrimp from a reliable source because some sold in the grocery store are notoriously unreliable.