Funniest Dachshund Videos: A Wiener Dog Compilation

Funniest dachshund videos a wiener dog compilation
Introducing some of the funniest Dachshund videos making their way around the net. We know our adorable Dachshunds are full of energy, personality, and zest for life. So, when we’re able to capture their hilarious antics on video, it’s even better. For these dog parents, that’s exactly what happened.

The Funniest Dachshunds Caught On Tape

Barking at the windshield wipers? Caught it on tape! What about carrying a stick that’s much too long and too big for their bodies? Caught it on tape. And, did you see the Dachshund who needed some toilet paper and decided the best way to get it was to unroll the entire thing and strewn it throughout the house? Caught that on tape as well!

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From adorable moments to just flat-out tickle-your-funny-bone moments, it’s all here in this video showcasing some of the funniest Dachshunds videos. Do you have a Dachshund who is constantly putting you in fits of laughter because of their silly ways? If so, share your moments in the comments!

video credit: FunMomy