Do Dachshunds Make Good Apartment Dogs?

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Are dachshunds good apartment dogs?

Are Dachshunds Suitable for Apartment Life?

Whether you already have a cute dachshund or you’re still planning of adopting one, you might be wondering if they can perfectly fit in an apartment. After all, your furry baby is considered to be an important part of the family. You don’t want to be moving into an apartment and not considering her welfare. So, perhaps, you have asked, “Are dachshunds good apartment dogs?” Thankfully, you will know the answer to this question by reading this post.

Sharing Your Space With A Dachshund

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of having a dachshund in an apartment and hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have a better way of making the right decision. Let’s look at some pros!

Sharing your home with a dachshund

1. They Are Fun-Sized!

An apartment is typically smaller than a house. Especially if you are going to live in a big city apartment, you would most likely find yourself in a smaller space. Thankfully, Dachshunds are small enough to fit in your little apartment. With a height of 8-9 inches and a weight of 7.3 – 15 kg, your dachshund shouldn’t have much trouble moving around your living space.

2. Dachshunds Are Very Low Maintenance

With a small body comes with a small appetite. This means that your dachshund should be full with a smaller bowl of pet treats. When it comes to grooming, dachshunds or doxies don’t shed much of hair. Your apartment won’t get too dirty with them around.

3. They Need Minimum Potty Breaks

If you are worried about cleaning after them, you can simply bring them outside when they show signs of needing to go potty. Of course, in case of an accident, you can easily scoop up their waste and sanitize the soiled area since they don’t go number 2 that much.

4. They Are Great Around People

The best thing about doxies is they are friendly, loyal, and playful. Since they are small, they can easily play with children and the risk of injuries should be minimal. Even though they are energetic dogs, they should be able to play inside your apartment without much stress. As a loyal family friend, they can guard your house and protect your family when the need arises.

Do dachshunds make good apartment dogs?

Let’s Talk About The Challenges

Now, let’s learn these disadvantages, so you know the potential problems and how to handle them. (Even though these cons are still adorable.)

1. They Have Lots of Energy

I have mentioned above that dachshunds can be very energetic. While this can be beneficial, it can turn into a problem if you can’t control it.

Historically, dachshunds are bred as hunting dogs. They are highly active and would like to spend that energy walking, climbing, and running around.

For this reason, your apartment space may not be enough to give her the right amount of exercise. If this happens, your doxie may become overweight and increase her risk of developing serious health problems. To avoid this issue, bring your dog outside for a walk and let her drain that excess energy.

2. They Can Be Stubborn

Dachshunds are naturally smart. Because of this, they may want to do a lot of things and if you don’t give them what they want, they may be stubborn and even master manipulators.

As small as dachshund may look like, they have a deep and loud bark. Their loud-sounding bark may become too annoying at times, which can be a trouble for you and your neighbor.

Thankfully, all these problems can be solved with the right training and discipline.

Do dachshunds make good apartment dogs?

Now You Know The Pros And The Cons!

Generally speaking, dachshunds are among the best and most preferred apartment dogs by thousands of pet owners. With a body that is small, an appetite that can easily be satisfied, and a lovable attitude, they can perfectly fit in any apartment.

As this might be the case, don’t forget to consider as well the drawbacks of having a dachshund as an apartment dog. Give them enough exercise and proper training. By doing so, they should become the best apartment roommate and life buddy you’ll ever have!

Do you share your apartment with your dachshund? Comment below what your experience is like!

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