Delivery Driver Helps Lost Dog Get Back Home December 04, 2020

Delivery Driver Helps Lost Dog Get Back Home

Delivery driver helps lost dog get back home

Lending A Helping Hand

A delivery driver in Janesville, WI ended up delivering more than a meal when he was out for his rounds. He also returned a lost dog to his family. John Risque was out delivering food when he saw a dog in the road. He pulled over to try and get the dog out of traffic, but when he got out of the car, he had lost sight of the dog.

A Good Samaritan Move

Then, John’s luck turned. “I opened the door and still didn’t see anything but all of a sudden, within a couple of seconds, the dog runs around my car, jumps up in my lap inside my car and I was so happy that nobody ran the dog over. It didn’t get hurt,” the delivery driver explains. Luckily the dog had a microchip and was promptly returned to its owner. I hope Risque got a generous tip for his efforts!

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