Dachshund Puppy Starter Pack

Dachshund puppy starter pack

Bringing In a Dachshund

Dachshunds are a phenomenal breed of dog that will provide you with endless and unconditional love. That’s why when you bring a new doxie pup into your home, you should be equipped with the most essential products tailored to your Dachshund.

When bringing in a new Doxie puppy to your home, you should be prepared to know how you want to entertain and train them. This list will provide you with the items that are trending among new and experienced Dachshund owners.

Pee Pads

Dachshund owners, and dog owners in general, are starting to notice that training their dog to go to the bathroom inside is significantly easier than getting them to go outside. What you will find is that your new doxie puppy is going to find random spots in the house to do “do their business” from the start, so why not familiarize them with a designated area from the get-go?

If you were set on teaching your dog to go to the bathroom outside, consider the outlining variables that can interfere with the progression of training your puppy to be potty trained for the outdoors:

  • Inclement/Intense weather
  • Living in a highrise apartment
  • Actually catching your Doxie before its too late

Timing is everything when it comes to bathroom training. If you live in an apartment, you don’t want to pick your puppy up and run downstairs and then outside when you catch your puppy in the act. If you live in a place where the weather can be unpredictable, it can prevent you from bringing your puppy outside.

Weather like rain, wind, snow, heat, and so on, can take the fun out of standing outside with them HOPING that they take care of their business, while at the same time banking on them understanding that this is their designated area of bathroom usage.

Pee pads are significantly easier to train with because after a play session or a meal, you just plop your Doxie on the pad until they use it, and then you give them a treat afterwards help them understand that they are doing the right thing. Potty training is significantly more convenient for you and your Dachshund and is a must-have item when bringing in a new Doxie pup into your home.

Dachshund puppy starter pack


As much as you want to spend every minute of the day with your pup, life gets in the way of that with work, social life, etc. and your Doxie hasn’t developed enough to be left out in the open in your home. Familiarizing your Doxie with crate training is very important in the beginning of transitioning them into your home. There are too many potential, and even unknown hazards in your home that can lead to serious and harmful consequences:

  • Potential items on the floor to ingest/choke on
    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Old food
  • Access to elevated surfaces that can lead to falling injuries
  • Get tangled up in a blanket or loose fabric which can lead to choking
  • Potential fire hazard
    • Urinate on a wire/power chord on the floor

On top of that, you obviously don’t want your puppy urinating and pooping all over your home. Using the crate is a great way to forcibly use the pee pads. If they are going to pee in the crate, at least they’ll have something to absorb it up so they don’t have to sit in it, right? At the same time, it will help introduce the use of the pee pad. 

You want to make the crate an enjoyable experience for your Dachshund. You should make it a presentable and comfortable place for your puppy to enter. You want to avoid using it as a punishment method because if you have to go to work or leave for an extended period of time and you put them in the crate, you don’t want them thinking that they did something wrong.

Crate training is definitely an essential part of raising your Dachshund puppy, and is an item you definitely need to have in your household when bringing home a new Doxie.

Dachshund puppy starter pack

The DachPack

Lastly on this list, we have a trending item among all Dachshund owners, the DachPack. A subscription mystery box that provides items and products that are tailored to you and your Dachshund.

This exclusive box will give you every dog product essential you didn’t know you needed, providing you with the newest toys, treats, and even exclusive discounts on other products for your Doxie.

Every three months you’ll be given a new themed box that guarantees a high-quality experience for you and your Dachshund. What’s also great about the DachPack is that there aren’t any tricks when it comes to the subscription, and you can cancel at any time.

As a dog owner, you cannot go wrong with going the extra mile to pamper your new family member, and this is the perfect way to do so! If there is one thing for certain, a spoil Doxie is a happy Doxie!

Dachshund puppy starter pack

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