Can Cats Swim?

Can cats swim?

Cats Eat, Walk, Run, Climb, And Sleep

It seems they can do a lot of things. However, how about swimming? Can they do it? You might have some second thoughts about it. After all, they seem to have a love-hate relationship with water, right?

Can cats swim?

Don’t Cats Hate Water?

Well, it’s not always the case. Cats do hate water, but if given the chance or it is something necessary, cats can and will swim. If you toss a cat in a body of water, they will float and swim to safety.

Surely, cats will swim out of necessity and perhaps, for survival. But can they also swim for other reasons?

Can cats swim?

Your Cat May Be Different

There are cat breeds that are worth noting because of their love of water. These cats include the Turkish Van Cat, Maine Coon Cat, and the Fishing Cat.

Turkish Van Cat is also called the “swimming cat.” They truly love the water. As they live in a place with a humid and hot temperature, they would readily dive into the water to keep their bodies cool. Not only that but Turkish Van Cats have a unique type of coat that is only found in a few cat breeds. They have a water-repellent coat that allows them to be in the water for a long time.

Can cats swim?

The same can be said with the Maine Coon Cats. They have a semi water-repellent coat. This means that they can easily dry themselves after getting wet. Maine Coon cats are fascinated with water and they love being in and around it.

The third cat worth mentioning here is the Fishing Cat. This cat is actually a wild cat, which can be found in different parts of Asia. They live near bodies of water or wetlands. As its name suggests, fishing cats primarily hunt fish as their food. Over time, they have developed the short, stocky body and webbing paws to adapt to their environment.

Can cats swim?

Your Cat Might Just Want To Go For A Swim

Overall, these are the few of the cats who actually love water. Most domesticated cats are not like them. Since they are already domesticated, they might not see the need to go into the water anymore to hunt or travel from one place to another. However, in the wild, small and big cats readily go in the water as part of their life.

So, can cats swim? Obviously, the answer is yes. Swimming is part of a cat’s instinct. If they happen to go in the water, they won’t drown under normal circumstances. They can easily swim back to dry land. It’s just that not too many cats love to swim.

Perhaps, you can try and see if your cat likes to swim. Bring him near a pool. If he loves the water, then that’s good for you. You have gained a swimming buddy. If not, then just respect his decision and enjoy other activities that both of you love.

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