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August 07, 2019

Best Dachshund Selfie Contest – Honorable Mentions!

Best Dachshund Selfie Honorable Mentions

Dachshund Selfies are the Best Selfies

A few weeks ago, we hosted a contest called the “Best Dachshund Selfie” contest! The 3 highest voted photos won a pawsome prize, but there were SO many other adorable selfies that we want to recognize!

Here is a list of selfies we think deserve an honorable mention:

In no particular order…

The “lion king” selfie. The “dreaming of treatos” selfie.  The “cutest snapchat filter duo we’ve ever seen” selfie.


The “little pupper that resembles a brownie” selfie. The “standing sausage” selfie. The “robe king” selfie.


This “I love grass” selfie. The “sasssy wiener” selfie. The “upside-down sausage” selfie.


The “goggle goals” selfie. The “morning rawrrrr” selfie. The “blue-eye cutie in the grass” selfie.


The “surprise!” selfie. The “get that camera outta my face” selfie. The “best friends that melt our hearts” selfie.


The “pawlice” selfie. The “little floofy pupper” selfie. The “I love my mum” selfie.


We hope you enjoyed these Dachshund selfies as much as we did! We are so happy that so many pups submitted their photos, and we can’t wait to see more adorable entries in future contests!

We are currently hosting a NEW contest called “Cutest Sleeping Dachshund” photo contest. You can CLICK HERE to enter!

Which selfie was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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