August 8 Is International Cat Day!

August 8 is international cat day!

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

August 8, 2021, is International Cat Day! With all of the holidays celebrating our canine companions, we often forget about our favorite felines. Lucky for them, this is a day they can call all their own.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare established International Cat Day on August 8, 2002. It is a day meant to recognize and raise awareness for cats and their well-being. Many countries, including the UK, celebrate the official International Cat Day on August 8th. However, some additional countries also have their national cat days.

In Japan, February 22nd marks their Cat Day. The United States has its own National Cat Day on October 29th. While Russia celebrates its own National Cat day on March 1st. If one thing is clear, felines are favored worldwide.

August 8 is international cat day!

Feline Festivities

International Cat Day is a day for extra love and snuggles with your favorite feline. That said, it doesn’t have to stop there. Here are a few other activities to add to the day for some extra fun.

Purrfect Time To Volunteer

If you have been considering volunteering, there is no better day to do so. Local animal shelters and rescues are always looking for volunteers. Time is money and, they need all that they can get. Make sure you specify that you are interested in working with any of their felines up for adoption when inquiring!

Fishy Treats

Even the pickiest of cats love a fishy treat now and again. A quick internet search will provide various recipes for tuna treats that your feline will adore. The options range from tuna-based, grain-free bites to fish-shaped cookie-cutter snacks. No matter what you choose, you will have a happy kitty with a full belly.

Time For New Toys

New toys are fun no matter what day it is – just ask your cat. International Cat Day is a great time to replace and replenish your cat’s current toys. There is nothing more fulfilling than some new catnip on a warm August day. If catnip isn’t their thing, a new feather flicker will do the trick.

August 8 is international cat day!

Fancy Collars And Tags

Now that your cat has its favorite treats and toys, it is time for a new collar. It is the perfect chance to check that all of your information is up to date on their existing tag and collar combination. Update and replace any ID tag that is not current and grab a new collar at the same time. They can be safe and stylish all at once.

August 8 is international cat day!

Share The Feline Fun

Maybe your cat isn’t the most social being in the world, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be. You can involve your cat-loving friends in the International Cat Day fun. Plan a small get-together with cat-themed decor and goodies. Send everyone home with some of your favorite cat treats and toys as party favors. Fun for everyone – and their cat!

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