An Incredible Friendship Between Dogs And Their Turtle

An incredible friendship between dogs and their turtle

Turtle’s Lucky Day

It’s an incredible friendship that is heartwarming and reminds us that our animal friends are just as compassionate as we are! The love we as pet parents share with our pets that they share back is unlike anything else in our lives. We also know that they share that same type of love amongst themselves and their species.

However, when it comes to species of other types, do those feelings still exist? With the explosion of photos and videos on the internet showing odd animal couples, the answer is clear; love knows no species. For this turtle and her pack of dogs, the sentiment rings true.

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A few years back, The Humane Society shared a touching story that still warms hearts today. While spending time at the river, a man saw a baby turtle on the river bank with no other turtles around. He decided that she needed extra help and rescued her. He took her home, intending to care for her while potentially finding her family. Ideally, he would be able to look after her and help her along her way. Mother Nature had other plans.

An incredible friendship between dogs and their turtle

Slow And Steady Wins The Family

As the days passed, the man continued to have no luck. There were no signs of other turtles and no further information to follow. He considered adopting the turtle but was unsure if it would be an option. He had multiple puppies of different breeds, and he did not know how they would feel about their new pack member. So he decided to see how things went when he introduced them.

It should come as no surprise that they fell in love. After some gentle sniffing and inspecting, the puppies instantly accepted her as one of their own. As the turtle continued to grow, so did the puppies and the love they all shared.