Amazing Dachshund Newborn Photo Shoot Will Melt Your Heart! March 07, 2019

Amazing Dachshund Newborn Photo Shoot Will Melt Your Heart!

Imagine a heart-rendering scene: a Dachshund newborn puppy, resting comfortably, with not a care in the world. Then, add to that visual, five more adorable furry babies huddled in a comforting entanglement of flappy ears, tiny paws, land little tails.  The hallmark photo moment is too good to be true, but it IS! We have it.

This amazing Dachshund family reminds us that love is universal and babies are beyond adorable, no matter what species!  Take a peek at these heart-stopping bundles of cuteness and brighten your day. Take our word for it, there are plenty of doggie photos but this set takes the cake!


Proud Mom-To-Be! 

Soaking in the last moments of serenity before the babies arrive, she is prepared to take the challenge. Like any mom, these final days can be stressful, even for a Dachshund. This adorable mama is expecting six babies, and there is no doubt about it, they will be a handful!

Fun fact: wiener dogs were originally bred to hunt Badgers. Interestingly, the German translation of Dachshund is”Badger dog.” It’s safe to say those days are long gone. Nowadays, sausage dogs are most likely a valued family member in an animal-loving home.


The Magic of Babies!

Lined together like sausage links, these heartwarming Dachshund newborn puppies automatically incite feelings of love and affection. As if they couldn’t be more lovable, these captivating wiener dog puppies are adorned with handmade caps, courtesy of BabybyBecca. Her amazing hand creations can be customized to fit any order! 

Fun fact: Adult male and female Dachshund grow to be the same size. No gender is larger than the other. They can weigh anywhere between 9-32 lbs. Also, wiener dogs were the smallest dog bred for hunting! 


A Family Portrait!

Like all families, a family portrait session means at least one photograph with the entire family. So Dachshund babies and a very proud mama take center stage. Needless to say, this beautiful moment is overflowing with absolute love. 

Fun fact: The gestation period for a Dachshund is about 63 days. Sausage dog litter size is dependent on breed type. Smaller wiener dogs typically have between three to four puppies in each litter. On the contrary, larger Dachshunds have between five to six puppies in each litter. 

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