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5 Creative Ways To Remove Dog Hair October 01, 2021

5 Creative Ways To Remove Dog Hair

Alpha Paw Tips: 5 Ways to Use the Magic Fur Remover

Pet Hair Where? Pet Hair Everywhere!

Pet hair – the bane of every pet owner’s existence. No matter how hard you try to get rid of it all, it seems that there’s always some left behind. Lint rollers are permanently in every room and forever on the grocery list. From the couch and bedspread to your daily outfit, there is always something that needs to have the pet hair removed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alternative to a lint roller? Something a bit more eco-friendly and easy to carry? The Alpha Paw Magic Fur Remover has set out to be just that. Not only is the pet hair remover reusable, but it also comes in two sizes and is perfect for any task a lint roller can do.

Alpha Paw Tips: 5 Ways to Use the Magic Fur Remover

Use the Pet Hair Remover on the Bedspread

Perhaps you’re someone that lets their animals sleep in bed with them. Or maybe your cat sneaks naps up there during the afternoon. Either way, pet hair is going to end up on your bedspread if you have a furry family member.

That said, no one wants to wash their bedspread every single time pet hair ends up there. That’s where the Magic Fur Remover comes in. Run the wand across the bedspread and it will pick up all the hair left behind by your pup. No lint roller sheet to toss and a tidied bedspread to boot.



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Alpha Paw Tips: 5 Ways to Use the Magic Fur Remover

Use the Pet Hair Remover on Clothes

The use of lint rollers in most homes comes from laundry. If you own pets, even clean clothes come out with some fur on occasion. If you don’t own pets, you still deal with pesky lint. The Alpha Paw Magic Fur Remover can tackle it all. Whether you need to clean up from last-minute furry flurries on your way out the door or you’re wearing black pants covered in lint, this remover is a perfect choice.

Alpha Paw Tips: 5 Ways to Use the Magic Fur Remover

Use the Pet Hair Remover on Curtains

If you own pets and curtains, you know that they are magnets for animal fur. They rub against them or play around in between them. It’s a total hassle to take them down and wash them, but it’s equally as hard to spot-clean them for hair – a double-edged sword. With the Magic Fur Remover, you can easily use the wand to remove the pesky hair without the fuss. Run the wand over the desired area and repeat as needed.

Alpha Paw Tips: 5 Ways to Use the Magic Fur Remover

Use the Pet Hair Remover on Furniture

When we think about pet hair and lint rollers, our furniture doesn’t typically come to mind. While regular vacuuming can help keep this under control, you never know when someone may swing by. Some pets have preferred spots and others use them all. Regardless of where they love to lay, a quick swipe of the fur-removing wand and you have a hair-free place for a guest to sit.

Alpha Paw Tips: 5 Ways to Use the Magic Fur Remover

Travel Size

If a full-size Magic Fur Remover wasn’t exciting enough, a travel-size version is also included. Pet hair follows us no matter where we go. It doesn’t matter if we’re at work, home or on vacation, we are certain to find a piece of them near.

However, when you aren’t at home or able to bring your full-size fur remover, the travel size is the perfect option. It is easy to store in a purse, center console, or carry-on bag. Pet hair may go wherever you do, but so can the Alpha Paw Magic Fur Remover!

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