4th of July Preparation to Help Ease Doggy Firework Anxiety

4th of july preparation to help ease doggy firework anxietyOur favorite Summer holiday is right around the corner, and that means BBQ, nice weather, family and friends, and oh – FIREWORKS! Fireworks have been a classic American tradition, and while they are fun for humans, fireworks can actually cause your dog quite a lot of anxiety. The loud noises, similar to thunder, can trigger a natural survival instinct dogs have to panic and run away.

In order for you and your dog to enjoy this holiday safely, we have compiled a list of our top tips to prepare your Dachshund for this event.

Tip #1. Relocation or Proper Home Preparation

4th of july preparation to help ease doggy firework anxietyOn 4th of July, you probably know which areas have the most firework action. If your home is a prime firework location, arrange for your Dachshund to stay at a friend or family’s house that night. To make this doggy-vacay even more comforting, provide your dog with their favorite blanket or article of clothing from home so they have a familiar scent to have with them.

If you are unable to bring your dog to a place away from the fireworks, prepare their crate at home with their favorite toys, treats, and bedding to make them feel safe.

Remember: If you won’t be home, make sure to hire a pet-sitter to keep them company!

Tip #2. Get your Dachshund Acclimated to the Firework Sounds in Advance

4th of july preparation to help ease doggy firework anxiety

A good way to minimize the anxiety your dog feels from the loud unfamiliar noises is to train them ahead of time to associate fireworks with something positive. An easy way to do this is to play firework audio a few weeks leading up to the holiday and providing treats as positive reinforcement. This will hopefully lessen the surprise they feel on the actual day!

Tip #3. Consider Using Supplements that can Help Ease Anxiety in Dogs

4th of july preparation to help ease doggy firework anxiety

Some humans that experience anxiety of their own might experiment with supplements to ease their symptoms. Just like humans, there are supplements that are made specifically to be dog safe as well. These can be used for easing dog anxiety caused by car rides, airplanes, social situations, special occasions (such as firework), and anything else you can think of that might stress out your fur baby.

Please talk to your veterinarian for more information to see if this option would be right for you.

Tip #4. Doggy Pyjamas aren’t ONLY for Cuteness – They Can Help with Anxiety too!

4th of july preparation to help ease doggy firework anxietyStudies have shown that anxiety can be soothed from weight or a feeling of compression. Weighted blankets are a popular item for humans that experience anxiety at night time, because the weight provides a feeling a safety and “grounding”. Studies show that grounding may help reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

That being said, providing your dog with a similar form of comfort may help provide relief. We recommend doggy pajamas to achieve this feeling, which could result in a more relaxed state of mind during an anxious situation.

Added plus: they look adorable. You can purchase a pair of Dachshund Pajamas Here!

We hope you found this list to be helpful. Leave any of your own tips for reducing dog anxiety in the comments below.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend, everypawdy!

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