4 Ways to Keep Your Pup Active During The Colder Months

4 ways to keep your pup active during the colder months

The Temps May Be Dropping But That Doesn’t Mean That Your Pup’s Energy Levels Will.

Whether you live in an area where it snows all season long or just enjoy a crisp sunny day, we are giving you 5 tips to keep your doggos active.

Stimulate Their Minds!

If it is chilly outside, there are ways to stimulate your fur babies’ energy in the comfort of your home. By using flavored treats or sticking peanut butter inside of their favorite toy, your dog can expel their energy by chasing it with their heart’s content without ever leaving the indoors.

Why is this important? Mental stimulation is just as imperative as physical exercise for your family pet. Ever experience your pup getting into things they weren’t supposed to or chewing on belongings that were your absolute favorite? This is due to the energy they cannot express through physical exercise. By occupying their minds, you are associating good behavior with a positive outcome… a treat! 

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4 ways to keep your pup active during the colder months

Learn A New Trick!

Speaking of mental stimulation, a great way to combine both exercises of the brain and physical activity is to teach your pup something new they can be proud of. If you are a fan of the videos of pups learning to play dead, you are not alone. That simple trick can teach patience for both you and your pup and get them to roll around on the floor in the most adorable way if we might add.

There are many breeds that have excess energy, and walking them several times a day still won’t help. The “trick” is what to do with it. These types of breeds such as Dachshunds or Jack Russell Terriers can benefit from trick training by helping them channel that energy into good use.

By teaching simple commands such as sit, stay, roll over, jump, or even more complex like play dead, lie on your back, and spin, you are redirecting that energy into tricks and giving them empathetic praise in the process.4 ways to keep your pup active during the colder months

Pick A Game… Any Game!

If you have enough indoor space to play a simple game of fetch or throw a ball around, this is key to keeping your dog active indoors! You can hide their favorite toy or even play hide and seek together. Use another family member to call them into another room and play the game together. After finding the pawfect hiding spot, call your dog and see how long it takes him/her to find you.  

Go for a Walk!

If your pup is itching and scratching to take their adventures outdoors, take them on a walk during the peak temperature time of the day. Walks are a great way to keep bonding with your best friend and allow them to adventure close to home should it get too cold to continue.

Alpha Paw Pro Tip #2: Click here to learn the best tips for successful walks with your pup!

4 ways to keep your pup active during the colder months

Harness The Energy!

However, you choose to occupy your pup this fall/winter, make sure to keep them amused and active both mentally and physically. We love seeing your adventures near and far! Make sure to tag us in them and follow us on Instagram!