2 Lost Dogs Take Bus Ride Home

2 lost dogs take bus ride home

A bus stop for lost dogs

On a cold night in Milwaukee, two lost dogs made it home just in time for Christmas thanks to a good Samaritan. MCTS driver Jaime Grabowski was finishing her route when she spotted the two lost dogs. It was midnight and they were standing outside, in the cold, next to each other, freezing.

Jaime was surprised by the duo, and her heart just melted for them. Instinctively, she called for them, and they came to her immediately. The pair jumped on the bus and waited patiently.

2 lost dogs take bus ride home

A reunion filled with relief

The generous bus driver dialed in for assistance and not long after, the dogs were taken to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. They were the local facility taking in stray dogs and cats.

Fortunately, the dogs didn’t have to stay at the animal control center for very long. The owners had been looking for them all night long. The dogs lived just two and a half miles from the bus stop. They somehow got out of their yard and found themselves lost.

If your dog becomes lost, here’s what you do

While these lost dogs had a happy ending, not every pet who becomes lost will find its way back home. It’s important to know the steps to take when you realize your pet is missing. Here are four key things you must do if your dog becomes missing.

2 lost dogs take bus ride home

1. Call the local animal shelter

The first thing you do is call the local animal shelter and see if they’ve picked up your pet.

2. Search the neighborhood

Secondly, you should canvas your neighborhood, specifically the places you know your pet is familiar with and perhaps enjoy spending time there.

3. Remind calm

Nothing is worse than being in a panic and unable to think clearly. That brain fog will cost you critical minutes of search time. Your pet wants to find its way home just as badly as you want to find them. So, it’s important to keep your calm and do what is necessary.

2 lost dogs take bus ride home

4. Check the chip

If your dog has a microchip, check that immediately to locate it. We don’t think about microchips on a daily basis, but when it comes to moments like these, they are lifesavers. If you don’t already have a microchip in your dog, consider having the procedure done.

Final thoughts

Needless to say, the owners were beyond thrilled to be reunited with their lost dogs. Has your dog become lost?

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