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Every Dog Needs Protection Ten-year-old Brady Snakovsky’s Brady’s K-9 Fund is changing lives across the Cleveland, Ohio area. Brady wants to ensure that all K9 dogs get a protective vest because... Read More
22 NOV
A Heartwarming Friendship A dachshund puppy’s friendship with a seal is making headlines and showcasing an important sanctuary in the UK. Stanley and his owner Melanie Talbot took a trip to visit... Read More
21 NOV
Everyone knows Pitbull are scary (adorable) and terrible (loving doggos) you should not consider adopting them (unless you want to know what unconditional love is). Still not convinced? Read below... Read More
15 APR
Dressing Up Your Pet May Sound Fun And Exciting. However, Not All Are Amused By This Idea. Some folks think that dressing up your pet is unnecessary while others believe it comes with various... Read More
01 APR
Driving related fatalities are the number one non-medical related deaths across the world. Thousands of car accidents happen every day, and can not only be traumatizing but can leave you permanently... Read More
31 MAR
Unfortunately If You're A Human Chances Are You Have To Leave Your House At Some Point Or Another. Your dog accompanies you to the door as you leave. Then, when you get home, he enthusiastically... Read More
25 MAR
If you're not sure whether or not to use pee pads, or if you want to use them but don't know where to start, then this article is for you. We are going to over what to look for when choosing a pee... Read More
24 MAR
How Do You Know That Your Dog Is Really Happy? As Loving And Responsible Pet Owners, You Want To Have A Happy And Content Dog, but what could be the possible signs that you should look for? If you... Read More
20 MAR
What Should You Do To Protect Your Dog During The Coronavirus Crisis? A dog diagnosed with the Coronavirus reportedly died in Hong Kong.  It was reported that a 17-year old dog died on Monday... Read More
19 MAR
COVID-19 is creating consequences that have nothing to do with getting sick. Increasingly, people everywhere are scrambling to find household necessities like toilet paper on barren store shelves.... Read More
18 MAR
You Might Remember The Last Time You Gave Your Cat A Bath Due To The Traumatic Fight And Struggle You Endured.A lot of cats hate water so much that the old expression was made: cats and water... Read More
18 MAR
According To The World Health Organization, There Is No Collected Data That Suggests That Dogs Can Contract COVID-19. Traces of the virus can be found on canines, but cannot serve as a host for... Read More
16 MAR

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