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If money were no object, you may be tempted to treat your dog to all kinds of items. Whether something you spotted at the mall or a product that everyone seems to be talking about, you could hand... Read More
02 OCT
When we think of archenemies in the animal world, the first thing that may come to your mind is the feud between cats and dogs. The fight for supremacy between these adorable pets has inspired a... Read More
18 SEP
When it comes to gratitude, a special dog near Findlay, Ohio, knows how to show it. A beagle named Gregory was left at a dog shelter and like all dogs who end up there, he needed a home.... Read More
17 SEP
Wouldn’t it be nice if one day, you wake up in the morning and as you walk down the kitchen, your dog said, “Good morning, master!” Now, that might sound weird (perhaps, scary), but you... Read More
16 SEP
Your dog is already a lot of things for you. He is your source of joy. He is your protector, especially during the night. He keeps you company. He even assists you in finishing up your... Read More
14 SEP
T.G.I.F! It’s finally time for a doggy date night at home! You cuddle with your dog while watching a movie. You were having a good time until your dog licks and paws at a spot on your head... Read More
11 SEP
Are you living an active lifestyle and looking for a dog breed that could keep up with you? Perhaps, you love to run and you want a dog who can be your running buddy? Or maybe, you simply just want... Read More
09 SEP
Have you ever seen a dog who simply lies down as you approach him and then bare his belly? You know what that means, right? He wants to get a belly rub. Well, you probably have noticed how he tries... Read More
04 SEP
We have all dealt with the global pandemic caused my COVID-19 differently. Some didn’t feel much change while others had to take on whole new life routines. For one little weenie dog, it was the... Read More
03 SEP
It is hard to settle on an exact professional title for what Mike Holston does online. Some people label him as a modern-day animal whisperer, capable of communicating and interacting with exotic... Read More
31 AUG
Perhaps it’s pouring outside and you can hear the grumbles and growls of the thunderstorm. You spotted your dog barking, howling, and panting even though it’s not hot. You move closer to him to... Read More
28 AUG
There’s no doubt: cats and dogs are the most common domesticated pets in the world. They are amazingly cute, cuddly, and adorable. They keep us company and help us have a more joyful life. But,... Read More
26 AUG

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